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This blend has two purposes, clean your leather and calm your nerves! This is the first ever glove product designed with calming properties in mind.

We have mixed all natural ingredients into our calming cleaner blend and we have created a cleaner that will take the dirt off your leather as well as out of your labels, patches, and any other stitching on your glove. You could even try it on your leather cleats!

The calming effect of this product comes from the select, aromatic properties we have added to this mixture. We have chosen scents that are believed to encourage relaxation and calmly clean your glove. 

We recommend combining this product with either our Conditioner Blend or Game Ready Blend.


Application instructions will come with your cleaner so you know exactly what to do!


After your glove has fully dried from cleaning, we recommned applying the Ball Player's Balm conditioner of your choice. 

1.5 oz can

BallPlayersBalm Glove Cleaner

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