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Hips are a huge part of being a catcher.  Not only are hips important for catchers, they are also healthy for any athlete and all people.  Hip mobility will impact your everyday life from sitting, to twisting, turning, running, and more.  


A catcher's need for hip mobility may be a little bit more obvious to everyone because they are in a squatting position for so much time.  Without proper care of the hips, catchers will have an increased risk of injury and they will decrease their ability to perform the position to the best of their ability. 


Many young athletes, even as young as 8 years old, have mobility issues in their hips and lower back.  Why?  Because they are sitting in school for slow long.  This shortens the muscles that impact the health of the hips and the positioning of the hips.  That puts a strain not only on the hips but also on the lower back.


This hip mobility program is designed to be a preventative program and should not be used to treat any injuries.  This program is designed to simply help players gain better mobility and flexibility in their hips which may lead to a healthy back as well. This program can be done as a daily stretching routine or done before competition as a hip warmup.  Listen to your own body as you do this routine.  If any of the movements cause pain you should not do them and you may want to visit a physician.  

Hip Mobility Program

  • You may run into issues when attempting to download the files.  If you do run into any issues while downloading the files simply email and we will send the files to your email using the "DropBox" application. 

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