Looking for better, more efficient skills behind the plate? We can help you with that. Need help with your blocking, receiving, or footwork to bases? We can help you with that too. Taking lessons is a great way to get yourself on the right track defensively. Benji has been trained by some of the best instructors in baseball during his time as a professional baseball player and he has been training catchers and hitters for over 10 years. If you are interested in boosting your game and getting some of the best instruction then this is for you.

What you can expect...
-Improved blocking speed and efficiency 
-Improved receiving skills increasing strike calls
-Improved footwork and throwing skills to bases

-Better understanding of the body and how it works


Single Lesson w/ Weekly Defensive Workout Plan

  • Here is what you need to do once you purchase your analysis....



    Film your catcher receiving 10-15 pitches 


    Blocking- Film your catcher blocking a few pitches in the dirt


    Throwing/Footwork- Film your catcher making a few throws to second and third base

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