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Baseball Thumb Guard 

In a single game, the repeated force of impact from catching the baseball can put undue pressure on thumb portion of the hand and can leave you vulnerable to injury in that area. 

Team Defender baseball thumb guard patent technology can defend you from hyperextension during that important game. 

The thumbguard is constructed of rigid yet comfortable material that surrounds and supports your thumb.  

For added performance, every glove is equipped with heavy stitching and light padding in the finger areas (finger guard). 

Ensure your investment in you with this smart and reliable glove technology.

Team-Defender Protective Glove 2.0

  • The Pro Series glove (Black/Green) is made with a rigid rubber thumb guard.  


    The original (White Glove) is made from a hard plastic.  


    The Pro Series (the most popular) is 70% as rigid as the original but allows for more freedom of movement while supplying the athlete with proper protection.


    The sizes vary from Youth L/XL to adult extra large.  

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