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Being a complete catcher is more than just putting on the gear and getting behind the plate.  Gone are the days when you put the unathletic kid behind the plate to just be a "backstop".  Being a complete catcher encompasses heart, mind, and body.  You have to be a complete player behind the plate with the ability to make decisions and athletic plays.  There is a lot that goes into it and we are here to show you how to become a more complete catcher through in-person training, video training, training products, and catcher specific clothing to create a culture of highly effective catchers across the country and around the world. 

Mission Statement:

Our mission at BJC is to reveal truths about the catching position, providing well tested techniques to players of all ages, parents, and coaches, that will enhance instinctual, freedom of movement behind the plate, enabling players of all levels and all ages to maximize their own abilities by removing limitations placed on athletes by others and themselves, giving them the tools to play with confidence.

About the Owner:

Benji's love, passion, and mission is catching.  It is his goal to add his personality to the position that he played for almost 20 years.  It started for Benji at 9 years old when he first put the gear on and got behind the plate.  He never left the position from that point forward and he hopes you will fall in love with the position as well.  It takes a special kind of person to put on the gear and get behind the plate.  


Benji played the game with a passion that he wants to share with young catchers who wish to play at the next level whether that be middle school, high school, college or professionally.  The passion he has for the game of baseball and specifically the catching position will overflow into you. 


Benji played 3 years at the University of North Carolina where he was fortunate to have been part of two national runners up teams during his tenure at UNC.  He played in the College World Series in 2006 and 2007 and says one of his sweetest memories from the world series was in 2006 when he caught a throw from his pitcher who had just fielded a squeeze bunt and he threw his body infront of home plate to stop the runner from scoring.  It is this kind of play that took Benji to the next level when he was drafted by his favorite childhood team, the Atlanta Braves.


There are three key traits that Benji believes are important to have in order to be successful at the catching position.  Integrity, selflessness, and humility. 

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About Benji Johnson:

  • 3 Year catcher at top ranked UNC '04-'07

  • UNC Athlete Leadership Academy Alum

  • CWS Runner Up '06 and '07

  • Bachelor's Exercise and Sport Sciene UNC-CH

  • Walter Rabb Award Winner at UNC 

  • '07 MLB Draft- ATL Braves

  • Played 7 years professionally

  • Caught countless big league pitchers including HOF John Smoltz

  • All-Star 2010 (American Association)

  • 9 Years player development

  • Specializes in hitting and catching


Benji Johnson

Who is Benji Johnson?




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