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Our son has really been throwing and transferring well since his commitment to the pop-time program. This has sparked a lot of interest from D1 college coaches. He can now consistently post pop times in the 1.9's with an occasional sub 1.9. This has, hands down, been the best defensive tool that he has used.

High School Catcher

Pop-Time Program

Ever since I started working with Benji he has drastically improved my defense.  My pop time has droped from a 2.2 to a 1.87-1.93 range.  He has shown me routines and drills that professional catchers go through on a daily basis in order to get mentally prepared in a game.  He has shown me secrets in how to call a game and how to get in a hitters head.  The same season I started working with him I had a .997 fielding percentage, leading me to win a gold glove in a summer college league and division 1 scouts have been following me ever since.  

Junior College Catcher

New York

Original Best Pop Time: 1.97 (consistent 2.02)

Current Best Pop Time: 1.81 (consistently below 2.0)


Since starting with Benji a few months ago, I have increased my catching confidence and I have developed stronger catching techniques that work for me.  Benji is a non-conformist and this helps in allowing me to take the things he teahes me and develop them into a style that works for me.  He's not all about teaching me what worked for him.  He thinks outside the box and helps me develop my own thinking skills to develop "my catching" style.  His ability to train me without having to change my style enables me to become more confident in who I am as a catcher.  Previously relying only on developing a strong arm, I wasn't using the rest of my body to improve my pop time.  Benji has helped me to develop that and I have improved in all areas of my catching.  My only regret is finding him so late in my pursuit.




"Chase threw a 1.81 and throws were on the mark at powerade.  Thank you for everything.  You have changed him completely.  Hit the wall in BP.  Hadn't left the parking lot and Gardner Webb had already called!"


Since Chase's last update he received interest from three Division 1 college baseball teams and has decided to commit to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro to continue his baseball career at the college level.  

17 Year Old Catcher (UNCG Commit)

Lake Norman, NC

I met Benji Johnson at the age of 14.  At the time I was just looking for someone to help me learn a few things about catching.  In only on lesson, Benji had sealed my passion for catching.  Unkowingly, I had discovered the best thing that could happen to my baseball experience.  I have never met a catching coach like him.


     The first thing I noticed about Benji was how he is an expert in the mechanics of catching, and also an expert in communicating the reasons behind the mechanics.  Whether we are working on receiving, blocking or throwing Benji has always helped me practice doing the drills correctly and to understand the benefits of doing it one way over another. 

     Benji's focus on mechanics has helped me get over many hurdles along the way.  If I have something happen in a game that didn't feel right, I have always been able to take it to Benji to help me tweak it back into shape.  Most times he figures it out in the first few minutes of observing or discussing.  If it takes longer, then we work through it with repetition and discussion until we are both comfortable with the result.  

     I'm now 19.  I have worked with Benji for 5 years now and I can't thank him enough for everything he has done for me.  

     When I first started working with Benji my pop time was consistently around 2.2 or so.  Now I am consistently around 1.95 and playing in college.  My high school coach recently told me I hold the best percentage of caught stealing in the school's history.  Of course, catching isn't all about the numbers and Benji stresses the importance of receiving, blocking, and leaderships for catchers as well as the mental side of the game.  I've been told by most pitchers that throw to me that they love when I catch for them because of the strike calls I am able to get, especially the low pitch, and because they aren't afraid to throw in the dirt with me behind the plate.  Blocking has been developed into the best part o my game since I have worked with Benji.  I have been told by countless coaches that I just have a natural nose for the ball in the dirt (my proudest accomplishment).  Benji has taught me how important it is to have a strong work ethic, to play hard, and to play the game the right way.  With Benji's help I improved in all aspects of the game.  It goes beyond catching.  I gained a greater knowledge and appreciation of the game.

Junior College Catcher

Lenoir JUCO, NC

Initial Pop Time: 2.2 (consistent)

After Training: 2.0 (consistent)


Benji is not just the greatest catching instructor, he is also a mentor in my life.  Along with teaching me how to receive and block the ball the best way, he also guides me when my temper flares.  He teaches me the footwork I need to be an awesome catcher.  He tells me if I miss a ball and get an attitude how to shake it off.  He has told me the catcher is the leader of the team so many times that now I know that is my job.  I love being the catcher and I thank Benji for helping me!!

13 Year Old Catcher

Asheboro, NC

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