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Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility

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A series of movements that focus on internal and external rotation of the acetabulofemoral joint and flexion/extension of the joint.

This program was designed by a catcher for catchers with understanding of what catchers need to be able to do day in and day out from a defensive standpoint. 

Being a great catcher is almost impossible without healthy, mobile hips. 

Here is short list of the possible benefits of the bjc program.

If you struggle with a lack of mobility in your hips then this is for you.  If you do not struggle with hip mobility then you will not need a program like this.


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Increase Range of Motion​​

Increase Strength Capacity 

Increase Durability 

Improve Hip Health

Improve Lower Back Health 

Decrease Chance of Injury 

Decrease Stress on Body

Decrease Mental Stress

Decrease Mistakes

Enhance Blocking Skills

Enhance Receiving Skills

Enhance Quality of Life

Enhance Psyche

Enhance Squatting Ability  

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