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This blend has two purposes in mind, and is intended for in-season use, but can be used anytime.
The first purpose of this blend is to condition the leather of your glove. With all natural ingredients, derived from sources that are historically known to condition leather, we know these ingredients have stood the test of time and will be great on all of your gloves. The second purpose of this blend is to add some tackiness to your glove. We have added some all natural ingredients that contribute to this tacky feel, which is designed to help the ball stick in your glove better, and enhance grip on the ball.
Because of the tackifying properties, we recommend using this blend throughout the season, as tackifiers only serve a purpose during competition, but you can use this blend anytime, it’s up to your personal preference.

This product is hand poured in the United States of America and comes in a 2oz, twist top can. 

BallPlayersBalm Game Ready Glove Conditioner

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