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The catching position is the most demanding position on the field.  It has some of the most complex components of any position on the field and that can make it a tough position to play, learn, and to teach.  


This guide is designed to better equip those who are interested in catching, those who are catchers, and those who teach or wish to teach catchers with valuable insight about the position.  


Benji has broken down each topic into short sub topics in order to help the reader better absorb and apply this information. If you are looking for great information about catching then this is a great piece of literature for you.


This is an e-book written from the perspective of someone who played the position both at the low amatuer (youth leagues) and high amatuer levels (Div 1 College) as well as at the professional level as high as AAA.  Benji has been teaching catching for over 10 years and throughout the world since 2015.   

Quick Guide to Better Catching

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