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Crippling Game Calling

One of the most important aspects of a catcher's game is his ability to call the game. In today's game, at the amateur level, we are seeing a complete lack of an ability to call baseball games. Why is that? I have one reason…lack of experience because of coaches calling pitches. Pitch calling is an important skill that many young catchers today are missing out on. We have seen a rise in the amount of coaches calling pitches for their catchers in order to have more control of the outcome of the game while limiting a catcher’s ability to grow in this aspect of his game. This is one of the most debilitating things coaches can do to their young catchers, especially those catchers who desire t

Big League Secret

Pudge Rodriguez: 14 All-Star selections, 13 Gold Glove Awards, 46% Career Caught Stealing. Pudge Rodriguez is arguably the best catcher to have ever put on the gear. He competed at the plate and behind the plate. He was a natural leader on the field, with a pitching staff, and in the dugout. When you think about a catcher as a manager on the field or a general, he was it. Pudge was awesome. And he was my favorite catcher to watch growing up. He was a big reason for much of what I did behind the plate. From the Wilson gear I wore in high school, to the Pudge A2403 mitt that I used up until my second year in pro ball, the passion I displayed behind the dish on every pitch, my hustle, my

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