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Blocking Analysis

This article is a follow up to a post on my Facebook page (Benji Johnson Catching) about blocking. I was watching the Reds play the Pirates and saw the Reds catcher do something that many catchers today are taught NOT to do, but what he did was textbook perfect. Lets take a look. What looks wrong in the above picture? A few things may come to mind if yo are a catcher. You might say that his knees should be on the ground. Or, you might say that he needs to have his glove on the ground covering the 5 hole. Traditionally speaking, you would be right. But, it is now the modern era of baseball catching. No longer are things done the way our fathers and grandfathers did them. The traditio

Back Picks

Controlling the running game is an important aspect of a catcher's game. Controlling the running game takes more than just throwing guys out when they are attempting to steal a base. In the catching world today there is great emphasis placed on pop times to second base. We are constantly consumed with getting the sub 2.0 pop time in order to throw out runners. But is that really all it takes? Is that really going to be enough? The answer is a simple...NO. There is so much that goes into throwing out a potential base stealer at second base. Lets take a look at a few things that we need to consider. 1. The pitcher's time to the plate. Many times, at the youth level, catchers will take

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