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The "Sissification" of Baseball

The title of this article was inspired by a play that most baseball fans have probably heard about and seen; Los Angeles Dodgers player, Chase Utley, sliding into Mets shortstop, Ruben Tejada. No, you have not gotten to the wrong page. Yes this is a post about catchers, but it is more about the culture of baseball today. It is sad that I am only 29 years old and over my lifetime I have witnessed the culture of American baseball completely shift, and in my opinion the shift is not a good one. I want to first take a look at the slide by Utley. There has been talk on both sides of the debate that it was a dirty slide and that it was not a dirty slide. My stance on the matter is this...Utle

Behind The Mask: Eyes Of A Catcher

The catching position has been under the microscope lately with the addition of the strike percentage statistic in the MLB, the new graphics displaying pop times and throwing velocity, and rule changes due to the Buster Posey injury a few years ago (which I will write about in a later post). While people are focussing in on the obvious side of catching, I want to focus in on a less obvious aspect of a good catcher, the eyes. Today I was walking through Target and this topic popped into my head. As I walked down the aisle towards the auto section I noticed that my vision was not strictly set dead ahead. I was not using "tunnel vision" as I walked down the aisle. I also was not turning my

2015 World Series (Salvador Perez)

Fitting, my first blog post comes at the end of the baseball season, but, this post is one that people need to read and digest. I do not write this post lightly nor am I out to get people to follow my agenda. What I am out to do is to open the eyes and the minds of those who are reading this post. There is too much misguided, deceitful information out there that is doing nothing to help anyone, which is exactly why I have decided to start a blog for Benji Johnson CatchingTM. I have listened to and read opinions of enough people who are ready to lead you to believe that they know everything about catching and that their way is the best way to go about playing the position. I hope this f

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