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As you may (or may not) know, I have been working on a book for a little over a year now. Things started out great last year when I set out to write the book. I almost completed the book in just three months of writing, then, I hit the writer's wall. Yep, writer's block set in, and I almost completely forgot how to catch. So I took about 6 months away from the book then picked the pen up again a short time and now I am almost finished with the book. I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what I have been working on in hopes that you will find it interesting enough to get your copy of my book upon its completion. I may be bias in saying this, but I think the book will be extremely helpful

Positive Coaching | Part 2

Humble Suggestions from a former youth, collegiate, and professional baseball player.... 1. Focus more on the kids than what you are teaching What do I mean by this? While teaching the game of baseball is important, it does not override the emotional stability and well being of the kids playing the game. It is easy to lose your cool and blow up at a kid, say a smart ass remark, or jump on a kid for making a mistake, but before you do that wait a few seconds and think about how your outburst may negatively affect that child. Better yet, before you go to practice stop and reflect on the fact that each kid is bringing to practice a different set of issues that he/she is battling at home. W

Positive Coaching

I have been in baseball for over 20 years now, as a player and as a coach/instructor. One of the most consistent themes I have seen in these 23 years is a lack of positivity from coaches at the youth level. I want to give you a few points to think about to help you with your connection to your athletes in hopes to build better relationship and a more enjoyable atmosphere for the kids who play the game. 1. Words of affirmation This is huge for kids, and it is something that most coaches do a pretty good job with. It is important to constantly poor into the kids on your teams to let them know they are good, they are worthy, and they are valuable. I don't mean they are the best player on t

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