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Goal setting is a way of bringing the future into the present so you can TAKE ACTION NOW. “Take action now” is in all caps because for me those are the most important three words to goal setting that got me to where I am today. An introduction on me and how my life took action with goal setting; my name is Steven Leonard and I am currently a catcher in the Colorado Rockies organization. Growing up the love of baseball was instilled in me, the same love I have for the game today. I grew up in Monument, Colorado where my mom first taught me the game of baseball. Yes my mom, and she still throws me batting practice with both arms to this day. I excelled at baseball at a young age, always playin

You Wanna Play College Ball?

Everybody playing the game of baseball wants to play the game as long as they possibly can. Some of us will get to play the game until we are 40 or older while some of us only get to play the game until we are 12. But the thing we all have in common is we wish we could play the game forever, but that simply is not the case. Father time takes over and ends our career at some point, no matter how good we may be. Taking a look at Alex Rodriguez over the course of the last two season has been heart breaking for me, seeing Jeter retire, Griffey, Smoltz, Pudge Rodriguez, Javy Lopez, the list goes on forever. My favorite childhood players are all leaving the game and there is a new wave of you

Blocking Knowledge

I recently posted the above video on my social media pages to give a sneak peak into some of my drills that I use when training catchers of all levels. There was a lot of feedback, lots of it was great, positive feedback, and a little bit of it was negative. I appreciate all the positive feedback for those who gave it and for those who gave the negative feedback. Because I love catching so much I want to share with you some of my knowledge that was gained not just from coaches but mostly from nearly 20 years of experience behind the plate, wearing the gear, getting beat up by pitches, catching at low levels as well as high levels, playing in 2 college world series and catching over 100 ga

Showcase Vs. Team Play

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine, a former rival baseball player, and current high school baseball coach. We had an interesting conversation about showcase baseball, high school baseball, college baseball, and development of athletes. I wanted to share with you a few points from this conversation that you may find beneficial in your journey as a baseball player whether that be amateur or beyond. 1. Baseball Is A Team Sport The first point that most of us should already realize is that baseball is a team sport. Most teams are comprised of about 15-25 individual athletes, who work as a collective, cohesive, and sometimes incohesive unit. I have been a part of some tremen

Less Is More

I recently spent some time in Maryland and Oklahoma, training around 50 catchers over 7 days ranging from 8 all the way up to 16 years old. As I travel the country and train catchers I see a consistent theme amongst amateur catchers: a desire to rush. This is a problem that goes beyond catching. I see it in lots of kids that I train, whether it be hitting, catching, throwing, or even running. Their minds are going at the speed of light but their bodies are not able to move the way they think they are moving or the way they desire to move. During the camp in Maryland we were working on footwork as a group and I noticed the kids were looking a little sloppy by falling off balance, having a

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