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Note To Parents

Who doesn't want to achieve higher levels of success in anything they are doing? I am not aware of many if any people who say they desire to stay the same or do worse than their current state. I would venture to say that most people would like to achieve higher success in what they are doing. I am going to talk a little bit about how to help young baseball players do just that. 1. Stop coaching from the stands Far too many baseball players struggle because they hear 500 voices coming from the stands. Ok, not exactly 500, but at least 5. These kids are bombarded with what to do while they are on the field. Competing on a baseball field is hard enough. Having to hear 5 different opinio

Stay Within Yourself

I am out in California today and have been since last Friday. While out here I had a conversation with a teenage catcher and it prompted me to write this article as I am sure it is something that a lot of young athletes need to hear. Most of us have heard this advice at some point, "stay within yourself." What does that actually mean though? How many of us truly grasp this concept and apply it to our game? I know for me I did everything I could as a young athlete to "stay within myself" but I know I was always trying to do more than I could. I can recall my senior year in high school thinking I should hit a home run every single game. The previous year I hit a home run every other game

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