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Making Kids Smile

There is something profoundly powerful about making others smile. Genuinely Smile. Today I did a clinic in Centerville, Ohio. There were 16 kids at the clinic. 15 of them were boys, one was a girl. As I spoke to the group about leadership and what we expected from them during the day I continued to say “baseball” and would intentionally say “softball” or when I would say “boys” I would intentionally say “girls” to make her know she was included. As I did this, she smiled. Every. Single. Time. She lit up every single time this guy she has never met in her life included her into this group of 16 catchers. 15 of which were baseball catchers. She was all alone being the only softball catcher

Blocking Is More Than You Think

What if I told you that blocking a pitch has less to do with the game than you might think? What if I told you that blocking a pitch has less to do with winning the game than you think? What if I told you that blocking a pitch has less to do with stopping the advancement of a runner than you might think? What if I told you blocking a ball and being a good blocker has less to do with the game and more to do with relationships? Yep, I’m going to set out to show you that blocking a pitch has far less to do with the game itself and so much more to do with the relationships that we build along the way. Catching lasts only a season of life, relationships can last forever. How many of you would wi

Mask On/Mask off?

Recently, I made a post on social media about taking the mask off or leaving it on for plays at the plate. Lets have a conversation about the topic... Tag at the Plate Debate: Mask on or Mask Off? This is a bit of a hot topic among catchers, catching coaches, parents, and head coaches. Should catchers keep the mask on or should catchers take the mask off on a play at the plate? Before we go any further, I’m going to tell you what I did as a player in pro ball, college, high school, and below. I did both. There were times where I felt like I needed to take my mask off so I could see the ball better and make a better play. Is that the right thing to do? There is no right answer. And that answ

Blocking and Geometry? What?

Yep, you read that right.. Blocking and geometry. If by the title you didn't figure out I'm a total nerd, now you know. Yea, I played baseball for 22 years of my life. Yes I made all star teams. Yes I was a catcher. Yes I was tough. Yes I played through tons of injuries. And yes, I'm a complete nerd. And most catchers actually are total nerds. How can they not be? There is so much that goes on inside the mind of a catcher, and most of it is just second nature. The mind is such a beautiful thing and the mind of a catcher may be one of the most beautiful minds on the diamond. A catcher has to know the opposing team. Know the batters. Know their strengths. Know their weaknesses. Catche

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