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What's Cup With That?

Cups. Yep, cups. A catcher’s cup may be one of the most important pieces of equipment he will wear. It serves to protect a pretty valuable piece of his own equipment and nobody likes to get hit there, especially without a cup. So what’s the big deal about a cup anyway? There are tons available that parents can purchase at local sports stores. I could name a handful of different companies who design and produce cups off the top of my head. But what makes a cup good? I will tell you a story that could have easily been a horror story but fortunately for me it didn’t turn out as bad as it could have. In 2008, I was playing in Low A with the Rome Braves. It was my day off from catching duties

Success Over Fear

I have recently had the pleasure of crossing paths with Steven who has impressed me not only as and athlete but also as a person. It is exciting to have the opportunity to work in conjunction with him on different projects, and this blog is just one of those projects. Below is an article written by Steven on desiring to succeed more than fearing failure. Enjoy.... An anxious mind cannot exist in a relaxed body.” This was the story of the first half of my 2016 campaign. I was always caught up thinking, when am I going to get moved up, I am out playing these guys so why am I still here. I was so caught up in the fear of failure and that I was failing, that my play would dip. I was always to

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